Leather straps

Leather Clover straps are made entirely out of genuine leather. Some are reinforced with a layer of canvas which is incorporated in to the core of the strap and is totally invisible.

The underside of the strap is made with sweatproof leather so there is no worries about sweating with your watch on your wrist. There are two colors available, black and red.

Stitching pattern (if any) can be designed almost in any possible way. Minimal stitching, tribal stitch, regular stitching, fine stitching, cross stitched…you name it.

There are also different styles you can combine. Rally straps, unique straps, leather/canvas combo straps, dual leather combos, colored edges…

You imagine it, I’ll deliver it!

The glue used to bind the leather layers is a very firm, high quality neoprene glue so the strap doesn’t need to be stitched at all. It’s all up to your imagination.

Take a look at the gallery for some more variations and options.