Canvas straps

There are two types of Clover canvas straps. One is rolled canvas straps and the other is leather backed canvas straps. Every canvas can be turned into a leather backed canvas strap and some can be made into a rolled canvas strap.

Rolled canvas straps are made entirely out of canvas. A piece of canvas is rolled several times to form a nice, about 3mm thick watch strap. Since it’s all canvas, rolled canvas straps are also waterproof.
They need to be stitched all around but for designing purposes I can add stitches anywhere on the strap.

Leather backed canvas straps are essentially leather straps with a layer of canvas on top. That gives us plenty of options regarding colors and textures. The underside is also made with sweatproof leather.
Stitching pattern (if any) can be designed almost in any possible way. Minimal stitching, tribal stitch, regular stitching, fine stitching, cross stitched…you name it. The glue used to bind the leather layers is a very firm, high quality neoprene glue so the strap doesn’t need to be stitched at all. It’s all up to your imagination.

Here are direct links to the gallery pages where you can find some more options and variations.